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Hi- I'm Réka, the founder and official instructor of JumpColorado/Kangoo Club Colorado.

I  put the shoes on for the first time about 13 years ago and I immediately fell in love. I have tried many different exercise formats before but this was the most fun and versatile workout toy I have ever found. After a few years of jumping in my backyard and jogging in the neighborhood, I went through the process of becoming an official instructor. I enjoy the rebound shoes because they keeps me in shape, young, healthy and positive. It is the form of exercise that motivates me and I see results even without trying. 

 Kangoo Club Colorado was born because I believe in human connections, building and nurturing relationships, and encouraging and empowering individuals to move towards a healthier lifestyle.

I am grateful for the opportunity to help others feel good in their bodies. With Kangoo Club Colorado I can bring fun back into fitness for anyone, any age, any body, and any fitness level!

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